Top five reasons to have Ambulance Fleet Management Solution

Every second counts in an emergency. This is particularly true for emergency responders such as ambulances and rescue squads. EMS response times are critical. The biggest challenge when dealing with an incident is determining the optimal route for the vehicles to undertake in order to arrive as promptly as possible. The success of delivering emergency response is determined by how well patients are treated. All patients want to be taken seriously and attended as shortly as possible.

1. Eagle-I provides the right tools for Emergency Medical Services Workers (EMS) to cope with emergencies and stressful situations in a more precise manner. You can track, analyze and optimize your ambulance fleet operations with Eagle-IoT ambulance fleet management and tracking solution. Accidents can be reported to the centralized system with a single click visualization dashboard for all reporting, tracking and monitoring.

2. Eagle-IoT live dashboard ensures movement of one or more ambulances can be seen and tracked. Zoom levels of map can re-adjust itself to ensure that selected fleet remain in focus. The status of the ambulance can be analysed by the color of icon on map.

Red icon indicates vehicle is stopped

Blue icon indicates vehicle is idling

Green icon indicates vehicle is moving

3. Eagle-IoT ambulance monitoring solution even ensures connectivity in remote areas. If the ambulance encounters a grey area where there is no GSM network, the tracking device will start working as a datalogger and will keep storing the data in the internal memory. Once the network is resumed, the data will be sent to the server and the memory buffer will be cleared.

4. Instantaneous alert can be generated from the driver/operator in case of an emergency with Panic Button. Besides this, Eagle-I provides you access to powerful driver dashboard which gives birds-eye-view of all driver behavior from harsh braking, cornering, harsh acceleration, harsh turning, over speeding etc. real-time monitoring of siren and light

activations and monitoring non-emergency speeding for improving driver safety.

5. Besides this, routes can be optimized and divided among drivers with Eagle-I RMS. Eagle-I’s ambulance route optimization provides an opportunity for dispatchers and route planners to plan routes, create a series of stops, add multiple zones for closer monitoring and alerts. The system not only generate the optimized routes, but also divide regions among the drivers, ensuring lower fuel consumption, carbon emissions and efficient task accomplishments.

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