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Sensor Telemetry

Discover the Solution You Need to enhance your Fleet Efficiency, Compliance and Security.

Vehicles equipped with hundreds of sensors, generating tons of data requires proper analysis to yield beneficial results.

Eagle-i offers numerous sensors which can be added to give insight of your fleet operations, conditions and utilization. Axle load, temperature, humidity, container door and fuel level sensors are on top of the list when it comes to external sensors installed along with the AVL devices.


Mostly, this data is either left unchecked or provided in complex and hard to reach reports. But eagle i gives it a rightful importance in fleet analysis through its separate module called sensor telemetry.

Sensor telemetry is divided into two components

Live Dashboard

Runtime data from the sensors can be monitored

Historical Component

Providing the data of the sensors in graphical as well as tabular form.

Users can view a historical telemetry by selecting a sensor from a dropdown menu and a date range.