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The module of Rout Optimization (RMS) is very helpful tool for the distribution companies. It aims to reduce the time spent and distance travelled in each trip, and thus increase the number of customers served by each vehicle.

If you are not sure on the feasibility of RMS try to ask yourself the following questions:

A specifically designed solution for route optimization such as Eagle-IoT is capable of answering these questions and will be beneficial for different aspects of your business. 
With our advanced RMS module, the routes of tens of vehicles and destinations are planned in just few seconds, along with task details at each way point. 
This customized routes can be created by simply providing the starting and ending points of your journey and the route will be pushed to the driver through specifically designed mobile applications. Eagle-IoT provides a functionality through which drivers can also send feedback related to each task. 
Cost cutting is one benefit. But consider also the other advantages of optimized route planning, such as predicting the exact delivery time and thus customer’s satisfaction. 
Route Optimization Module is also beneficial for sales persons, healthcare professional, field service management companies, and logistics firms. 

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