Auto Fleet Management

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Make quick business decisions with alerts

It is impractical task to monitor the whole fleet 24×7. Rather investing on man power and control rooms, let Eagle-I advance tracking and fleet management system monitor your fleet with accuracy.

Eagle-I notification system continuously monitors numerous parameters continuously and generates notifications if a parameter exceeds a desired set value, or an incident like crash or theft occurs. To bring key issues to the surface as they happen alerts can be generated via text, email and in Eagle-I fleet management dashboard.

Notifications can be set at three levels and each user under a company can set the notifications as per the need:

  1. Site Level
  2. Category Level
  3. Asset Level

Each notification can be flagged as ‘READ’ and ‘IMPORTANT’ for future reference. On the dashboard, notifications are enlisted along with the date and time, textual location, the geofence in which the event occurred, the driver’s name and location on map.

Popped up notifications are accessible under the bell icon as well so that users can access these notifications without changing their current view of the dashboard.

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