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Why choosing SaaS based fleet management solution improves your fleet operation?

When you are dealing with the fleet operations, knowing all the possible ins and outs of facet of your fleet operations is a way to make your hours more productive and your money work harder for you.

While deciding to invest in a fleet management software, an important question that needs to be pondered upon before making the final call is to decide which software format can be used to meet the requirement: onpremise software or Software as a Service (SaaS).

What is SaaS?

SaaS is the abbreviation of Software as a service that marks the shift from traditional software applications also known as on-premise software, which bounds the fleet operation to pay a one-time fee to purchase the software and is installed on individual computers, requiring regular updating and maintenance of software on individual computers. However, the SaaS-based solutions are hosted on the cloud by the software provider; and fleet operations purchase the monthly or annual subscriptions through the software provider and access the software via a username and password through any internet-connected device.

SaaS-based models do not bound their customers to their desk rather an important business data can be accessed anywhere anytime through mobile apps or desktop. Moreover, they are continually updated, thus improving data security. A SaaS-based fleet management solution such as Eagle-I is not only user-friendly rather its responsiveness and intuitiveness allows the fleet managers to access the data( driver behavior, vehicle location information, etc.) from cloud-based computer servers in real-time to make informed decisions thus enhancing their operational efficiency and productivity

Reasons for investing in SaaS-based fleet management solution:

1. Cost-Effectiveness: The top reason for investing in a SaaS-based fleet management solution is its costeffectiveness. It requires fewer resources to outsource the software services to the company specialized in fleet management that handles the maintenance, upgrades, releases, and database maintenance than to purchase your own computer hardware, scheduling regular maintenance, running your own data center and managing the troubleshooting problem without any support.

2. Flexibility: Since SaaS-based fleet management solutions are cloud-based which can be accessed through any internet-connected device by providing their credentials, it can be remotely accessed anywhere. Moreover, it can also be accessed via mobile devices, providing the employee’s flexibility to work when and where required.

3. Visibility: SaaS-based fleet management solution provides insight from driver behavior to fuel consumption, and from vehicle location to its maintenance, helping you in managing every moving part of a fleet. Not only this, but decisions such as updating the routes due to traffic conditions or weather conditions can be done in real-time, hence saving time and increasing the credibility Above all, SaaS lets you concentrate on managing your fleet, and arms you with real-time information that puts you ahead of your competition when it comes to efficient fleet management. If your fleet operation isn’t using leading-edge technology like SaaS, you’re going to miss out on the best drivers and technicians.

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