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Track, analyze and optimize your fleet operations with Eagle-I fleet management and tracking solution.

With Eagle-I Live Tracking Dashboard, get an eagle-eye view of your whole fleet.

Eagle-I Live dashboard is powered by Google Maps® with its MAP, SATELLITE and STREET view.

On live dashboard, movement of one or more assets can be seen and tracked and map zoom level re-adjusts itself to ensure that your selected fleet remain in focus.

Further layers can be added which includes geo-fences, traffic layer and weather layer giving a more in-depth experience of fleet monitoring.

In order to access live data of an asset, just click on it on the map and a dashboard will pop-up showing the current driver, speed, carried load, seatbelt status etc.

Asset icon can provide a lot more information just by its color.

You can change the icon type, changing it from ‘Moving icons’ to ‘Communication icons’ will make all the vehicle communicating to server ‘Green’ and non-communicating to ‘Red’.

Moreover, each site can be assigned a color and when icon type ‘Group Color’ is selected, all the assets will change the color representing their respective site/branch.

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