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A comprehensive solution for rent-a-car companies which ensures healthy, safe and secure fleet without the hassle
Solution introduction
The biggest challenge of any company involved in car rental business is to ensure the fare usage of their fleet. Theft, misuse, harsh driving, maintenance, overdue payments, vehicle recovery, cross border travel are most common issues which Eagle-I Fleet Management System comprehensively addresses through its specially designed modules
Key Features
Live Tracking – Keep a check on your fleet while keeping the privacy of the customer
Remote Engine Kill – Immobilize the vehicle remotely in case of theft or misuse
Eco-Driving – Rate your customers with their driving behaviour (Harsh driving, overspeeding)
Maintenance – Vehicle Maintenance scheduling and alerts
Cost-Benefit Analysis – Identification of fleet which have become a liability
Utilization – Complete analysis of the fleet, see which kind of fleet is in demand
Crash Detection – Get timely notifications in case of an accident
Geo-fencing – Restrict your fleet to a region
On-board Diagnostics – Get OBD data of your fleet and be informed timely of engine faults
Properly managed fleet
Complete analysis of utilization
Timely maintenance and document renewals
No misuse of the fleet – zero conflicts
Always ready fleet with load management
Vehicle and Customer Safety
Easy recovery in case of theft or a conflict
Forecast the OpEx in terms of fleet maintenance
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