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LTE Cat M1/NB1 advanced vehicle tracker supporting BLE for wide variety of external peripherals and I/O options

75g (2.65oz)

80 x 48 x 25mm | 3.15”(L) x 1.89”(W) x 0.98”(H

-30℃ ~ +80℃

Operating Voltage: 8V to 32V DC Li-Polymer, 250 mAh

The GV350MG improves on the GV300 based on customer feedback and adds LTE capability to our successful GV300 2G product. The GV350MG’s CAN interface can be customized to suit specific protocols required by customers. This interface customization has been utilized in tractor integration and other unique situations with specific CAN requirements. Its built-in BLE allows connectivity to diverse wireless accessories. Heavy trucks supporting J1939 FMS can be integrated with GV350MG and its multiple accessories such as dual fuel sensors, Garmin FMI products, cameras and Queclink’s I/O extenders
  • GV350MG
  • Multiple Interfaces

Region -Worldwide

Network/Operating Band - Cat M1/Cat NB1:

GNSS Type -u-blox All-in-One
GNSS receiver

Position Accuracy (CEP) -Autonomous: < 2.5m

Certificate -CE/FCC/Verizon/E-mark/

Digital Inputs1 positive trigger input for ignition detection 3 negative trigger inputs for normal use
Digital Output1 digital output, open drain, 150 mA max drive current
Latched Digital Output1 digital output with internal latch circuit, open drain, 150 mA max drive current
Configurable Input/Output1 special I/O can be configured as a 0V-32V analogue input or an open drain output with 150 mA max drive current
Serial Ports2 RS232 serial ports on 16 pin Molex type connector, for external devices (GARMIN protocol support)
CAN Bus InterfaceCAN 2.0A/B, SAE J1939
1-wire InterfaceSupport 1-wire temperature sensor and iButton driver ID(maximum 8 channels)
Cellular AntennaInternal only
GNSS AntennaInternal antenna and optional external antenna
BLE AntennaInternal only
LED IndicatorsCEL, GNSS, PWR
Mini USB InterfaceUsed for upgrading and debugging


1-wire Temperature Sensor

1-wire temperature sensor (DS18B20) Cable length: 8m


RFID reader kit Parts list: RFID reader x1; RS232 interface RF card x2


SAE J1939 9pin cable compatible with Queclink GV350 LTE series for diagnostic purpose. Cable ength: 1.5M


RF card for use with DR102 Conform to ISO 14443A


Active buzzer with 1m cable Can be drived by the digital output on GV350LTE Series devices

CAN Click 5V

Accessory for use with CAN100 STD It allows to connect CAN100 to vehicle’s CAN bus without cutting or soldering the cables. Operating voltage: 5V

RS232 Camera

RS232 camera with power supply Power supply input voltage: 10-24V Communication baud rate: 115200 Camera lens: 2.8mm infrared R940 light Angle of view: 110° Wire length: 2m Pixel: 300k

iButton Kit without AC100

Used for driver ID identification (Dallas keys) Parts list: iButton reader x 1pc; 1-wire interface iButton (with handle) x 2pcs Cable length: AC100 1M; iButton reader 18cm


iButton with handle (Dallas keys) Be used with iButton reader

Relay with Socket

Cable length: 14.5cm NO/NC 40A/30A (14V DC) With internal freewheeling diode

Ultra Sonic Fuel Sensor UFS300

Ultra Sonic Fuel Sensor Operating voltage: 9V-36V DC Measurement range: 5cm - 100cm Level accuracy: ±0.5% IP rating: IP66 (detector) Output interface: - RS232 Interface: Baud rate: 19200


Decodes information from vehicle bus (CAN bus and J1708) for tracking device Power supply voltage: 7V to 36V Current consumption (operating mode @12V) 6.5mA Current consumption (operating mode @24V) 4mA Current consumption (sleep mode) below 1mA Output current (outputs OUT1, OUT2, OUT3) 50mA Operating temperature: -40℃ to +80℃ Serial port: RS232 compatible


GPS active antenna with SMA type RF conntector Cable length: 3m