Geofence color coding

Manage your assets with Geofence-to-site color-coding monitoring to get real-time visibility into your fleet.

Eagle-I is designed to facilitate the fleet managers, monitoring hundreds of assets deployed all over the Kingdom. With the unique feature of geofence-to-site color-coding, Eagle-I addresses the issue of asset deployment in undesired areas. Monitor duration and frequency of job site visits by creating geofences with custom, virtual perimeters around meaningful geographic areas. Use suggested geofences to help you decide if you want drivers to avoid certain areas.

Get more out of your vehicle and asset tracking

Through the Eagle-I admin panel, each site/branch can be assigned a unique color. Similarly, user can select and assign a color to a geofence.

Strengthen security, and speed up theft recovery

One can easily identify the misplaced or wrongly deployed assets by assigning geofence to appropriate or desired assets, on the Eagle-I tracking dashboard.

With this simple yet powerful tool, fleet managers can: