From Chaos to Control: How RFID Technology Has Transformed IT Asset Tracking   

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, organizations face the daunting challenge of managing and tracking their IT assets efficiently. From laptops to servers, these valuable resources are crucial for businesses to operate smoothly. However, manual inventory management, inaccurate asset information, and lack of real-time visibility can be transformed into streamlined operations with IT Asset Management (ITAM). 


What is ITAM? 

ITAM is a strategy that covers all aspects of the IT asset lifecycle, from procurement to disposal. It helps businesses track financial, contractual, and inventory data of IT assets across their lifecycle. 

Whether you are running a software house or a business dealing with IT assets, Eagle-IoT offers IT Asset Management (ITAM) to all. ITAM ensures the effective handling of hardware and software assets throughout their lifecycle. It also mitigates risks and provides in-depth insights to plan budgeting effectively, which can improve the bottom line of your organization. Asset Tracking can be used to transform arduous tasks filled with inefficiencies and errors into accurate, centralized data. This data allows you to effortlessly locate and monitor assets at any given moment. It also streamlines maintenance schedules and minimizes downtime. 

Satellite Connectivity for Fleet Management
Satellite Connectivity for Fleet Management

RFID-based Asset Tracking 

Eagle-IoT IT Asset Tracking (ITAM) is a cloud-based asset-tracking solution that uses RFID technology to track the location and status of IT assets in real-time. Lack of real-time visibility has always been a challenge for IT departments, but Eagle-IoT empowers users to track laptops, switches, printers, servers, cameras, tablets, TVs, monitors, desktop computers, WiFi Hub and access points instantly and remotely by attaching RFID tags to the assets.  

These RFID tags emit a unique radio signal that can be read by RFID readers. The readers are installed at strategic locations throughout the facility, such as at the entrances and exits, in the data center, and in the office areas. The tags offer reliable operation even in harsh environments, for example, corrosive environments (vibration and shock), and wet, dusty, dirty conditions. 

When an asset moves past a reader, the reader captures the asset’s unique ID and its location. This information is then sent to the Eagle-IoT server, which can be accessed by authorized users from anywhere. The system can track the movement of assets throughout the facility. The automated check-in and check-out processes enable staff to get real-time visibility in knowing where specific assets are, who has responsibility for them. Misplaced assets can be easily searched with the centralized data insight and controlled administration/ role access of assets. Besides this, a comprehensive view of the centralized data also provides an opportunity to improve asset utilization 

The Eagle-IoT Asset Tracking not only drastically reduces the time and effort spent on manually updating asset records but also eliminates typing errors in reports. The organizations can enable role-based access to enhance the accountability of users. In case of any flagged issues customized alerts and notifications can be generated to the right people immediately to address the issue. Eagle-IoT Asset Management can be utilized for managing equipment inspections, maintenance work and inventory management. 

Eagle-Iot Cold-Chain Monitoring Solution
Satellite Connectivity for Fleet Management

Eagle-IoT Asset Tracking helps organizations to: 

  • Improve asset visibility and control 
  • Reduce asset loss and theft 
  • Optimize asset utilization 
  • Improve asset maintenance 
  • Comply with regulatory requirements 

    It is essential to identify key metrics and reports that matter to your business. The successful implementation of an asset tracking system can be carried out by proper training and adoption strategies; ensuring everyone is on board and realize the benefits of a centralized data management system. 

    If you are looking for a solution to track your IT assets, Eagle-IoT IT Asset Tracking is a solution that guarantees complete visibility and control over your IT assets and costs. 

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