Efficient Fleet Management System: Simplifying Vehicle Data and Insurance Renewals  

Are you tired of keeping track of vehicle data and insurance renewals? From tracking vehicles to managing maintenance schedules, administrative work can quickly become overwhelming. However, an efficient fleet management system such as Eagle-IoT not only allows you to monitor your fleet operations but also ensures administrative work regarding your fleet is always up-to dated; allowing you to focus on what truly matters – growing your business.  


The Need for an Efficient Fleet Management System 

Eagle-IoT is a powerful tool that streamlines administrative tasks while providing valuable insights and cost-saving opportunities. The collected data can be used to optimize vehicle usage, monitor driver behavior, and reduce overall costs. Sign up for a demo today and experience how easy it is to manage your fleet! 

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be challenging, especially when it comes to tracking vehicle data and renewing insurance policies. As of October 1st, all vehicles on the road will be required to have valid insurance as announced by the General Traffic Department. In an announcement, it is said that vehicles will be monitored automatically to ensure valid insurance. Electronic monitoring will identify vehicles without insurance, and drivers will be issued violations.  

Satellite Connectivity for Fleet Management
Satellite Connectivity for Fleet Management

Insurance Renewals made Easy 

Renewing insurance policies on time can be difficult and lead to violations, penalties, expenses, lost productivity, and stress. However, with the help of Eagle-IoT vehicle tracking and fleet management system, managing vehicle data and insurance renewals becomes seamless and hassle-free. The system reduces the risk of missing important updates with its Service and Renewal Module and ensures the fleet manager stays on top of the required vehicle data and insurance renewals.  

The Service and Renewal Module allows you to set schedules for each vehicle’s documentation renewals to ensure you never miss a deadline, with multiple reminder notifications. Eagle-IoT’s Service and Renewal Module will send notifications 14 days, 7 days, and on the day of expiry before the due date so you can focus on what really matters: running your business. No more digging through endless paperwork to find out the renewal date. With just a few clicks, your insurance is sorted for another year. In case of leased or rented cars, you can simplify your fleet management with our system for that duration by entering the lease duration. For example, if a vehicle is leased for 3 years, you can enter the duration in the module, and Eagle-IoT will ensure you don’t miss the deadline for these years by sending a notification every year before the due date.

The Service and Renewal module automate the workflow and reduces the number of resources needed to keep track of everything. This makes it possible to focus on other tasks that will help the fleet perform better and reduce costs in the long run. Such a system makes fleet management easier and more effective, ensuring that the fleet is operating at optimal levels. 

Besides this, real-time vehicle security, improved driver behavior, and lowered maintenance costs are some of the many benefits of implementing a fleet management system. To know more about us, Sign up today for a demo and experience the benefits for yourself! 

Eagle-Iot Cold-Chain Monitoring Solution

Managing Administrative Work 

A fleet management system keeps a record of all data regarding the vehicles. This includes every vehicle’s purchasing, financing, and leasing information, registration information, and insurance information. Since oftentimes the vehicles are purchased under different terms and conditions, it can be extremely difficult to keep track of these data and follow these conditions. This often leads to fines, penalties, and expenses that could have been totally avoidable. Using a fleet management system helps the owner manage these administrative works easily without missing any deadlines. 

Satellite Connectivity for Fleet Management

Managing Vehicle Maintenance 

The biggest challenge of owning and operating a fleet is keeping all the vehicles properly maintained. Since vehicles are one of the most valuable assets for mobility providers, periodic inspections and maintenance help prolong their service life and significantly reduce costs in the long run. A fleet management system allows the fleet manager to track the current condition and maintenance history of every vehicle. Oftentimes, customized notifications can be selected so that the fleet manager can receive warnings on any vehicle issues in real-time. Without a fleet management system, it becomes very challenging and costly to detect and fix problems immediately and keeping vehicles maintained on schedule. 

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