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A fleet safety strategy consists of a number of key metrics that can help reduce fleet accidents

What is transportation intelligence? Everyone will have a different answer but for me, it’s a smarter way of connecting data, analytics, and fleet assets to make more informed decisions. No matter how advanced technology you have implemented in your fleet, if their data and analytics are not helping you in predicting the safety of your fleet then it is of no good use! Identifying the trends of data and getting their meaning for later use is an efficient approach for successful business.

Fleet managers come and go. You cannot rely on them to know the progress of safety of your fleet without proper reporting. Determining the safety fleet metrics is a first step to the safety of your fleet. No matter what factors you choose, the key is to stay persistent.

Here are some of the shortlisted fleet metrics

Vehicle Crash Rate (crash frequency)

Vehicle car crash rate can be calculated by multiplying the number of crashes happened over the past 12 months and dividing them by the total number of miles traveled by a vehicle.

Knowing the frequency of car crashes and type of crashes (e.g., backing, rear-end, side-swipe etc) will help in identifying the behavior of the fleet. Tracking the trends of data of crashed vehicle will help in identifying the need for improvement in the respective area of operation.

Public Feedback

Get the public feedback about your fleet from time to time. Actively, collecting the external feedback by installing a sticker of “How am I driving?” with a telephone number will help in future to see a trend. Both positive and negative feedback should be recorded with the concerned driver. If a pattern emerges such as more than one report (positive or negative observation) regarding the same driver, action must be taken. These road observations can also be verified by supporting data of Eagle-I.

Once metrics are decided, now you can work on how to collect these data

How do I collect fleet safety data?

Apart from your manual data collection, Eagle-I offers an automated way to record safety metric under the category of “accident module”. Under this module, you can mention the accident against the respective driver, while mentioning the severity of an accident. In this way, a log book will be maintained which will not only save your time but can be accessed easily in the future.

Eagle-I offers driver behavior module which is a real-time driver monitoring solution. With which you can verify the feedbacks received against each driver. This data is automatically collected and sorted into specific behaviors including harsh braking, acceleration, and speeding. This data can be shown as a web-based dashboard or mobile app. You can also reward the driver depending on its performance. This can be done by comparing different driver’s performance in “Driver’s Scorecard”.

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