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Vehicle abuse: What is it? And how to prevent it?

Does vehicle abuse really exist? Is it a real thing? Are there ways to stop vehicle abuse? The answers to all these questions are yes!
To Stop Vehicle Abuse, one needs to identify what it is. Vehicle abuse can come in many forms but in the simplest words, it can be defined as the misuse of the vehicle. However, the term ‘misuse of a vehicle’ has a broad spectrum, to know what vehicle abuse is we need to narrow down it. It includes the speeding, braking, harsh acceleration, cornering, unauthorized use, delaying or ignoring the vehicle maintenance etc. Neglecting vehicle needs is just as egregious as vehicle abuse.

No matter in what form vehicle abuse appears, it will always increase the fleet’s operational and maintenance costs, risks, and liability besides draining time and energy of a fleet manager. A poorly used vehicle will not only results unnecessarily recondition expenses but also depreciated resale value at the time of auction.

How to prevent vehicle abuse

Vehicle abuse can be prevented by installing a reliable GPS tracking solution such as Eagle-I. It is one of the most basic applications of fleet management solution. Eagle-I fleet management solution offers various features and modules that will notify you in real time and by using its vast data vehicle abuse can be prevented in the future.
It notifies you in a real-time about over speeding, harsh braking, and harsh acceleration.
Similarly, abuse can also appear in another form when your driver fails to bring their vehicles in for maintenance. It will also be considered as abuse since it will result in higher-than-normal vehicle maintenance costs. Missing preventative maintenance can damage the condition of the car and result in loss of manufacturer warranties. But now maintenance can be tracked and alerts can be issued when the maintenance is scheduled by Eagle-I maintenance and service module.
To identify the vehicle abuser, Eagle-I offers driver behavior module. With this module, driver’s behavior can be identified and can be compared with other drivers by using Driver Scorecard. Geofence allows you to prevent the unauthorized use of a vehicle by creating virtual boundaries and alerts can be issued when a vehicle is used at an unusual time or when it exists the virtual boundary.
The fleet of any organization represents its capital. To protect your valuable assets, it is never too late to invest in telematics solution such as Eagle-I capable of managing your fleet efficiently and effectively.

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