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Top reasons for fleet manager’s failures

Finding the fleet manager who is capable enough to manage the fleet is hard to find. It’s not about finding the right individual who performs the set of roles and responsibilities but the one capable to cope up with current hanging conditions. Although core responsibilities of a fleet manager stretch between fleet maintenance to asset safety and smooth operations of the fleet, a little mismanagement may cause serious concerns for the bottom line of any fleet organizations.

Here are the common mistakes done by fleet managers that can be avoided to prevent future fleet failures.

Inefficient route planning

Inefficient route planning is a recipe for disaster. Inefficient routes not only cost you additional fuel but wastage of time, wear and tear of a vehicle, delayed arrivals, over-time of drivers and more stress.
Planning your route not only helps you in choosing the quickest route but the efficient one. To avoid this fleet managers need to use GPS technology to plan their routes, track them and modify them according to their desire without getting delayed.
Eagle-I offers route planning and route optimization to keeps your drivers organized, updated ahead of time and less frustrated. Happy drivers lead to happy fleet managers since drivers are fleet manager’s eyes and ears on road.

Ineffective communication

A fleet can only be as successful as its staff. To keep the fleet running smoothly, fleet managers need to keep these clog open and the only way to keep them open is effective communication.
Though it is fleet policy or decision making, involve everyone from technicians to drivers. As Ineffective communication flaunts the message of priorities and operation goal. Keeping all the staff on the same page is vital for the productivity and the efficiency of the fleet. Effective communication can be enhanced by holding regular one-on-one staff meetings.

Inaccurate reporting

The success of a fleet manager is based on the optimization of assets. To analyze the fleet and to identify the trends in data, fleet managers need the fleet management software. Fleet management software such as Eagle-I helps you in identify the trends, analyzes the data by its reporting modules. These reports can be generated on daily basis and help in lessening the burden of managers. These reports prevent the inaccuracies, leading to better operations.

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