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Top 5 ways to achieve net zero for your fleet

While you are running a fleet, you can’t get away with its impact on the environment. The carbon emission of your fleet is a serious business when you have dozens of automobiles on the road all day and night. However, you also have an enormous opportunity to play your part in “achieving net zero”

Eagle-IoT understands the importance of achieving net zero and is in line with the Saudi Green Initiative. We have introduced a range of solutions to help you in cutting carbon emissions of your fleet.

Eagle-IoT carbon emission module

As the saying goes, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. But Eagle-IoT has good news for you! Now you can know what your fleet’s carbon footprint is? With Eagle-IoT carbon emission module, you can measure your fleet’s CO2 emissions and contribute to net zero emission by reducing it.

Driver behaviour

Get full insight into driver behavior behind the wheel. Driver behavior can affect fuel efficiency by 5% to 30% regardless of vehicle size or engine displacement. Besides this, harsh acceleration, harsh braking and over-speeding can reduce the fuel economy by 33% on highways and 5% in urban areas. Eagle-I driver behaviour helps you identify which drivers need to improve and celebrate those who are Drivers with good scorecards are less likely to cause an accident They can also help in negotiating reduced insurance premiums.

Fleet Optimisation

To ensure the best out of your assets, Eagle-I provides you in-depth analysis of utilization of your asset. With proper utilization analysis of assets, you can reduce carbon emissions, get large dividends along w ith a more productive and efficient fleet capable of responding to any challenge the company might face.

Route Planning

It’s crucial to note that the most carbon emissions happen when you start a cold engine. To reduce the emission, the catalytic converter must be heated to a certain temperature to operate. This issue can be eliminated with proper route optimization. Eagle-I’s route optimization provides an opportunity for dispatchers and route planners to plan routes, create a series of stops, add multiple zones to save your time and help you in creating more opportunities to perform extra jobs and take on more clients by tightening the service windows.

Comprehensive Fuel Management

Log your fuel consumption with Eagle-IoT to gain powerful fuel insight and know how it contributes to carbon footprint of your fleet. With a single click, Eagle-I fuel management solution helps you can identify high consumption vehicles and allocate them based on their usage. Manage your fleet fuel needs with our advanced ultrasonic fuel level sensors.

Fleets who monitor driver behavior have lower maintenance costs, better fuel economy, reduced idling and less vehicle downtime their every gallon of fuel saved will not only reduce their operating cost but it will also reduce their carbon footprint. That’ a gallon of fuel that won’t need any fossil fuels to be manufactured. The fuel they saved won’t be releasing extra carbon while it’s being produced, besides it won’t be producing any extra emissions whilst their fleet consumes it.

To enhance your fuel economy and to measure and monitor your carbon emissions.

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