Top 13 reasons for using GPS Tracking

In today’s world of technology, everyone would have used GPS navigation at one point or another. May it be for reaching the destination or to locate the nearest mall but what about GPS tracking, have you used this similar technology? We might have not realized the importance of using it. There are several benefits of using it. According to the recent studies reducing fuel consumption is the biggest advantage of using GPS tracking besides vehicle monitoring, reduced over-speeding, optimized routes and less idling time. Here are top listed benefits of using GPS tracking.

Less over-speeding

With integrated GPS tracking solution, drivers are more conscious about their speed. They avoid overspeeding, hence chances of an accident are also reduced.

Accurate invoice

Using GPS tracking solution helps you in creating an accurate invoice with its digital log of time, speed and consumption of fuel. You can easily calculate the time spent or fuel usage for a specific job.

Less fuel consumption

GPS tracking helps in saving fuel by providing insight. Avoiding over-speeding, optimizing routes and preventing unauthorized idling may save fuel.

Reduced maintenance cost

The insight of vehicle health before its breakdown is another way of cutting the cost. Well maintained vehicle run at the fuel-efficient level, hence reducing fuel consumption.

Increased efficiency and productivity

Implementing telematics in your fleet can increase productivity and efficiency. According to Bobit Business Media survey, 59% of survey respondents believed the topmost benefit of telematics was the enhanced productivity along with decreased fuel consumption and improved routing.

Better customer care

GPS tracking is not only beneficial for organizations or drivers but it also helps you in maintaining a better relationship with your customer. Knowing where your shipment is or the location of nearest available pickup service can help you increasing clientage.

Enhanced safety

With GPS tracking, you can always know the exact location of your asset. Tracking and monitoring of asset is very crucial for the safety of the assets. Virtual boundaries can be created to abide by the movement of a vehicle outside the safe zone.

Responsible drivers

Safety of fleet is largely dependent on driver performance. Drivers who know they are being monitored are more careful.

Better insurance rate

Many insurance companies offer a discounted rate for an organization using telematics for safety, maintenance, and tracking.

On time arrival

People value time more than money. With our fleet management solution, you can always get the realtime data about the on-road assets. Drivers can be informed ahead of time about traffic congestions and alternative routes can be assigned to avoid possible disruptions.

Precise overtime

With the digital log of time, you can always know when your employee is a service call with the exact working hours. Knowing the exact time helps in calculating the precise over time.

Optimized routes

Integrating tracking solution helps in optimizing the routes. Efficient routes can be designed and implemented which can help the fleet manager in making better use of employee’s time because of the ability to track working hours of driver and route chosen.

Reduced idling

An idle vehicle causes twice the wear and tear to the internal components than driving at normal speed.

Every hour of idling has an effect on an engine which in turn shortens the life of the engine and requires more maintenance, increasing the fleet cost without providing revenue. With Eagle-i, idling can be reduced.

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