Smart Waste Management Solution: Modernizing Approach to Manage Waste

With the advancement of technology, the waste management industry has also revolutionized. For decades, waste collection was relied heavily on estimated quantities and capacities, and the data that was supplied was sometimes inaccurate and even irrelevant. To keep with the pace of technology waste management industry needs significant aspects to be considered.

The important benchmark for success in today’s world is a reliable data and how we utilize it; this not only provides the opportunity for change and disruption but also revolutionize an entire approach to operate and manage waste collection cycle.

Eagle-IoT has introduced its smart waste management solution with the goal to modernizing the way to manage waste. With the implementation of ultrasonic sensors, waste management companies can now track real time data with accuracy, improve transparency, an evidence-based approach to operate and manage waste and recycling programs Eagle-IoT waste management solution allows you to track container fullness, ensure the most efficient pick-up schedule, track waste hauler performance and optimize the customer experience.

With the installation of ultrasonic sensors in dumpsters or waste bin, these sensors are capable of monitoring the remaining capacity of a container. Ultrasonic sensors work well in front-end load bins or dumpsters. They are designed on machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to determine when waste needs to be collected considering the fullness’ level of container. Ultrasonic rays are emitted from the sensor to monitor the real fill levels of the bin, providing an insight to capacity demands of the waste program.

The aim of our smart waste management solution is to reduce carbon footprint, improve fuel economy, by offering dynamic servicing schedule Through which unnecessary lifts when a bin is not at full capacity will be eliminated. Besides this, the sensor technology also addresses the potential risk of overflow of the bin and the data can be used in future to identify if this is an ongoing capacity issue where scheduling should be adjusted, or if it was a one-time occurrence.

To ensure the containers are being emptied efficiently, our ultrasonic waste management solution is the answer you are looking for. Eagle-IoT smart waste management solution can transform any container into a smart device, revolutionizing the way to manage waste.

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