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When it comes to the management of truck fleet, it’s an entirely different game than running solo operations. You must have come across multiple fleet management solutions but have you ever wondered how many of them are actually appropriate enough to manage your daily heavy-duty truck operations? It is of significant importance that the telematics solution you choose for your truck fleet meets the basic needs of trucking fleet.

Track the exact location and accurate ETA’s

Since your truck fleet is your premium assets that require the optimal utilization to ensure the efficacious truck fleet management hence knowing the exact location of your truck and accurate ETAs is of significant importance.
The integration of reliable truck fleet management solutions such as Eagle-I allows you to make more informed decisions with accurate ETAs and precise location.
With Eagle-I truck fleet management solution, fleet managers can know the exact pinpoint location of their drivers along with the traffic condition and weather condition on the roads which help fleet managers monitor driver’s route compliance, and in case of any issue, fleet managers can deal with issues in realtime by rescheduling their routes at the run time

Private yard mapping for turn-by-turn directions right to the loading dock

A telematics solution offering truck fleet management doesn’t offer the traditional navigation solution capable of taking you to the street address but a truck fleet management solution needs to map out the private roads, shipping yards, shopping centers along with with the helpful information such as gate codes, recommended entry, and exit or potential hazards.


Geo-fence can be used to create a virtual boundary surrounding a specific location. It helps you to detect the unusual movement of your assets beyond that boundary after specific hours or it may also be used to automatically assure the delivery by issuing an alert when a GPS-tracked truck exits the delivery location the job is electronically tagged as completed.

This event can be used to trigger other actions such as billing or dispatch of the next job. These automatic alerts will not only save your time but will also help in cutting down the manual paperwork which may slowdowns the arrival and departure of your truck fleet. Besides this geo-fence have many other useful applications.

Door open and close events

Besides the real-time monitoring of your truck fleet, Eagle-I truck fleet management solution allows you to improve your security by issuing an alert every time when the doors are opened or closed. Eagle-i immediately detects it and updates the door status for that asset. Moreover, you can also configure Eagle-I to send you a notification whenever the door is opened outside of permitted places. For instance, you can establish that the door can only be opened at your warehouse and at the customers’ delivery points. Any action that opens a door outside of those locations will trigger an alarm and send you an instant notification.

Predictive and Preventive maintenance

The advanced telematics solution of Eagle-I truck fleet management allows the preventive and predictive fleet maintenance program. Predictive fleet maintenance program works by using diagnostic data that provides insight of mechanical health and performance of their trucks. While the predictive and preventive maintenance service serves as an early tool for indicating the upcoming maintenance it also allows the fleet managers to reschedule their work beforehand, and in case of malfunctioning of any mechanical part, the order can be placed in advance to avoid the dead time. Moreover, the analysis of vehicle health trends can be beneficial while adding new assets or developing guidelines for the existing assets.

Load monitoring:

Considering the new set of rules set by the Ministry of Transport, Eagle-I allows you to real-time monitoring of the axle load with its new advanced technology load sensors. Now, you can monitor the excess load of your asset overall along with the load per axle. These load sensors are capable of sending data through a GPS tracker to the online monitoring system and/or to onboard driver’s display.

Moreover, with its custom settings, you can receive an alert for loading and unloading events along with the event’s location of the map with respect to the time of the event. This information will help you in keeping the check of underhand cargo and will prevent the overloading of the vehicle.

Managing a fleet of trucks often presents its own unique challenges. Fortunately, we’re up for all of them and continue to develop solutions customized to the specific needs of trucking fleets.

Eagle-I also offers the temperature monitoring of your refrigeration units, humidity monitoring, and pressure monitoring. We take it a step further by looking after the needs of truck drivers as well by providing easy ways to make their job easier, less stressful and safer.

Talk to us about your requirements and we’ll get you on the road to smarter truck fleet management. For free assistance, please call us at +966566387859 or email us at

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