When it comes to fleet management, how to cut down the cost is a topical issue.It is perplexity to observe that business involved in fleet management does not want to invest in new technology until it’s crucial for their business survival due to their increased expenses. But how can one’s business achieve an increase in productivity, while saving money without being frugal with resources?

While every fleet managers tend to achieve more with fewer resources but for various challenges such as time, cost,communication,customer service hinders the proper fleet management. Digitization the fleet management is not always considered as vital for business growth but it can give you the chance to reallocate your resources to focus on more important aspects of your fleet management role.

When you choose to digitize your daily fleet management
tasks such as choosing drivers and their dispatching route, updating the customers about their expected arrival, scheduling maintenance, you are able to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your business.

Time: When your vehicle is stuck in traffic congestion, it does not only impacts your fuel economy but will also directly impact the cash flow and time consumed to complete the jobs assigned. Eagle-I handles your nightmare of scheduling your vehicles at the right address with the lowest possible mileage.

When you digitize your fleet with Eagle-I vehicle tracking and fleet management solution,you can navigate around traffic congestion saving your fuel besides being able to fit in more jobs per day.

Cost-saving: Your fleet is your asset. If your fleet is draining more money from the business than they should, then it is the right time to digitize your fleet management.

With the integration of telematics solution you can not only track
the progress of vehicles but it allows you to remotely access the vehicle location, updated traffic and weather condition and dynamic route management options with just a single click on your mobile or desktop screen thus saving your time and fuel consumption.

Staying connected: Another important factor to increase the productivity ofyour business is to stay connected. With the digitization of your fleet, you can always stay connected to your driver no matter the size. This not only assures the timely delivery but also helps you to stay informed and adapt to the last minute changes if your schedule doesn’t quite go according to plan.

58% of fleet managers surveyed estimate that around 33% of the time their drivers fail to reach their destination within the first ETA given to the customer. Late deliveries equal to poor service.

Customer service: According to the rough estimate, 58% of fleet managers surveyed that around 33% of the time their drivers fail to reach their destination within the first ETA given to the customer which means late deliveries equal poor service.

As a fleet manager, you need to have a full control of your fleet which is only possible when you automating your daily fleet management tasks with good dispatching service that can integrate with existing ERP systems such as Eagle-I vehicle tracking and fleet management solution which does not demands the sacrifice of your huge financial investment.

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