How to prepare your business for telematics roll out?

Where telematics has become a crucial tool in the fleet toolbox, then implementation of telematics should not be taken lightly or rushed. Owing to the fact that this game-changing technology provides valuable insight into fleet operations ranging from vehicle health to driver behavior, driving efficiency, and bottomline savings we should not ignore the importance of proper understanding and mapping out how your team is going to use this new technology.
We have compiled the pre-requisite steps that need to be considered before the implementation to begin. As a careful and considerate approach to implementation will ensure you get buy-in from an organization, helps in finding the right solution, and make the most of your telematics investment.

Know your needs

Identifying the organization’s needs, goals, and the problems to be solved is significant before beginning the implementation of telematics. Knowing what challenges you need to address will not only help you in solving them but will also narrow down the solution providers to those that are dimmed fit for your organization.

Define expectations

Knowing what the return on investment (ROI) will be perhaps is the most important step to be considered. Set the mutual benchmark to be aimed for, with the telematics provider.
Once ROI expectations reached an agreement, establish the key performance indicators (KPIs) as they will become the dashboard of success that will drive continuous improvements. Once you are started continuously review KPIs and communicate results to top management for better outcomes.

Do your homework

Once you’ve assessed your fleet challenges and identified goals and objectives, research the benefits and features on the market. Make a checklist of what you will require your provider to have. Identify what outcomes are important and then measure the vendors on their ability to achieve those outcomes. While it might be tempting to make your choice based on price alone, but it can prove to be burdensome if you need to replace it later and go through the same lengthy process of implementation along with the hefty amount to be spent.

Test drive the solution

Before making a final decision, always ask the provider to perform a comprehensive demonstration for your organization to determine if the solution will support your business. A live demo is the industry standard. Moreover, a live demo helps in understanding the solution, how things works, including dashboards, reports, maps, and live displays or how the data collected integrates with back-end systems or how the data collected integrates with back-end systems or how to create a boundary or route plan or dispatch, etc.

Remember telematics is not a panacea which will address every problem rather it is one of the many tools available to fleet managers, which when used in accord with different technique and technologyappropriate will address the challenge head-on and solve it.

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