How Telematics is Saving Lives Around the World?

Telematics is now being widely adopted by the companies of almost all the business sectors around the globe. It has been widely accepted that the benefits of telematics are enormous, not just in terms of a company’s productivity, but also as a social service.
Following is a study shared in the closing session of the Connected Fleet Conference, by Nikola Vuckovic, Manager EHSS & IFMS, Philip Morris International, on how telematics benefited the company and saved precious lives.
The outcome of opting telematics, as shared by Nikola, are worth sharing. These results should encourage other companies to follow the footsteps of PMI in fleet safety and management:

In an industry where the fleet management cost makes most of the revenue of the company, sparing the generous spender spot can badly affect the company’s bottom line. To detect such spots and finding the solution for cost reduction is the core purpose of COI.

  • In Africa, two deaths a month in road accidents have been dropped down to only one in a year or two. They are pushing hard to drop this figure to zero.
  • In Ukraine, where road safety is a huge concern, telematics systems have also had a significant impact on mortality numbers.
  • There are fewer traffic incidents. In all the equipped vehicles, savings have reached 96%.
  • Fuel consumption has also dropped by 70%.
  • Predictive maintenance has added 53% in savings.
  • There is a decrease of 33% of the total expense due to proper planning.
  • These results are self-explanatory and point to a clear direction where telematics is a solution to a safer and more productive fleet. We at Eagle-i, always encourage to our customers to keep a record on the fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, and productivity, as it will help them calculate the ROI of their telematics services and will keep them up to date on the benefits they are getting through telematics.

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