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How preventing a road accidents within a fleet is a good idea?

There are several industries whose business relies on the utilization of assets. While driving on the road is no more a walk in the park because of the increased distracted and aggressive driving by either party. One estimates says approximately 20 percent of the company’s fleet engages in an accident each year contributing to the significant cost of a company’s expenses.
These possible visible expenses would include medical bills, insurance deduction, and vehicle repair but what about the hidden blind spots? Depending on the accident severity these blind spot may be: lost productivity, increased insurance premiums, significant exposure to legal liabilities, and potential damage to your corporate image, depreciated vehicle value besides negative publicity.

Every time your fleet is on the road, your assets are on high risk of accidents if the driver behavior and safety policy of an organization are not effectively addressed. Generally, driver safety programs implemented in an organization are reactive in nature instead of proactive i.e. after the accident or driving infraction corrective training is prescribed. A proactive driver safety program is the monitoring of driver behavior in real time. This is now possible with the advanced telematics solution such as Eagle-i. Eagle-I helps you in identifying the risky drivers by driver behavior module.

Understanding the behavior of drivers helps an organization to pinpoint a risky driver and train them before an accident actually happens. Driver behavior modules give you the insight of speeding, harsh braking, acceleration, cornering, and speed belt buckling. Driver scorecard helps you in grading the drivers on their individual scores based on their performance encouraging them for a positive competition.

Implementing a combination of reactive and proactive driver safety program makes your fleet less vulnerable to crashes and empowers the fleet managers to improve operational performance; enabling them to discover the ‘blind spots’ that never existed before. Hence improving the bottom line of an organization.

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