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How fleet management will change in 2019?

As we are heading towards 2019, its time to reflect on the evolution of technology. Keeping that evolution in mind, we need to do a reality check about where we are currently standing and where we are heading towards.
When it comes to fleet telematics, 2018 was the year of Eagle-i. Eagle-I broke the new grounds with its multiple new developments such as weather API, traffic layer, route optimization and many more. These developments were not only beneficial for fleet managers but also proved to assist drivers. To keep up the pace with the current advancements in an industry it is necessary to adopt the new technology at all levels.

Considering the necessity of more evolved, sophisticated and integrated system with changing times, Eagle-I kept on innovating ways to positively impact the business performance.

Since with the in-demand transparency of fleet operation, data collection and their analysis will be the hallmark of any fleet management solution to be efficient in 2019. Considering this trend, it is expected to have more insights into fleet operations in the coming year, giving the fleet management solutions the ability to transform the raw data into more purposeful and meaningful actions.
With the increased insight of fleet operations, fleet organizations will also enjoy the benefits of integration with more systems in the coming years. These integrations can be more traditional such as fuel card or dispatching integration or it can be revolutionary such as mobile workforce management, ERP software, and business management software.
However, these expectations may come into reality or not – it is too early to say. But no matter what trends in telematics will be evolved in 2019, it will change the future of telematics for good. Looking forward to 2019, Eagle-I is more enthusiastic to bring more advancements in the horizon. Eagle-I

is all determined to the development of big data, increased utilization and exploration of the possibilities of telematics with better safety metrics in 2019 and coming several years. Keeping all the promises to development aside, the question arises: are the fleets ready to embrace the trending technologies or will they stuck in the past?

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