Driver Identification

Keep track of your drivers, regardless of the vehicle they’re driving

With Eagle-I driver identification, drivers are issued a unique id (an ibutton, a keyfob or an rfid card). Each ID is associated with the driver’s name in the Eagle-I platform.

Along with Driver Identification, Eagle-I offers Driver Authorization as well. This authorization can be soft-managed (via eagle-I platform) or hard-managed (via tracking device itself). Driver authorization ensures that the vehicle or an assets are being utilized by the authorized drivers/operators.

Why use driver identification?

Driver identification will not only save your own working time but it will contribute to a smoother fleet operation

Driver IDs for Easy Tracking and Accountability

With Eagle-I driver identification, fleet managers can track who is driving which vehicle at any given time.
Eagle-I offers multiple technologies for identifying individual drivers


Dallas iButton


BLE Keyfobs



Key benefits

Reduced tempering

It cannot be purchased online, replicated or read

Easy to carry

The Driver ID tags are made of durable plastic which can be easily carried in a wallet

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