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Driver Dispatch System

Driver dispatch system

Dispatch System is part of Eagle-IoT’s Rout Optimization Module. It aims to make fully automatic the management and assignment of the tasks to drivers.

In the old methods, driver are provided with log book to complete their tasks, and return them back where the clerks start a new process of documentation and calculation.

With the advanced technology of Eagle-IoT, the tasks will be dispatched to the driver’s mobile phone or notepad along with the best route, he will click on the slot of his App as the task is completed, delayed, or rejected. The data will be sent directly to your ERP. In other words, a whole long process conducted and time spent by both the driver and accountants are reduced to nearly zero.

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Eagle-IoT RMS and Dispatch modules were specially designed after thorough contemplation in the requirements of companies in the sectors of transportation, delivery, supply chain, and even sales. It offers the monitoring of routes and scheduling of tasks. Each task is linked to a destination, priority, and other details. Once the tasks are created, the system will generate an Optimized Route, which is then assigned to a driver. The driver gets this route and starts his journey.

The system also has a unique feature of registering feedback from the drivers. Once a driver starts a particular task, completes it, or it got cancelled, using a specifically designed mobile application, he can send feedback to the system, which can be monitored on the dashboard. After a month or so, the management can see an overview of the driver performance in terms of tasks successfully completed.