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Driver Behavior

Get the full insight of driver behavior behind the wheel.

Eagle-I provides you access to powerful driver dashboard which gives birds-eye-view of all driver behavior from harsh braking, cornering, harsh acceleration, harsh turning, over speeding etc.

Track behavior trends and improvements over time

Optimize driver training and coaching based on their behavior

Rating of Driver according to his driving behavior

Intuitive way of representing driver’s performance

Key benefits

Lower Costs

Fleets who monitor driver behavior have lower maintenance costs, better fuel economy, reduced idling and less vehicle downtime

Reduce Liability

Drivers with good scorecard are less likely to cause an accident that could drag your company into expensive liability problems. They can help in negotiating reduced insurance premiums.

Reward Safety

Driver behavior helps you identifying which drivers need to improve and celebrate those who are excelling. Encourage drivers exhibiting good driver behavior with rewards and implement necessary training to drivers with bad driving habits.

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