Construction Machinery and Heavy Equipment

Construction is a business where your machines are the actual revenue generators. An hour of inefficiency can cost millions, so you need a comprehensive monitoring solution i.e. Eagle-i.

Solution introduction

From cranes to bulldozers and from excavators to crushers, construction machinery has tons of different types and capacities that needs to be monitored and managed accordingly. Eagle-I takes its users right on the site and let them get insights of the overall operational efficiency through dedicatedly designed modules and industry grade hardware for heavy equipment. In depth analysis, live telemetry and utilization ensure the fleet owners to run safe and efficient operation with complete compliance.

Key Features

Live Tracking

Never keep an eye off your assets

Satellite based tracking

Ensure connectivity in remote areas

Panic button

Get instantaneous alert from the driver/operator in case of an emergency


Vehicle Maintenance scheduling and alerts

Engine hour

Get utilization and ensure timely maintenance with engine hour count

Secondary engine monitoring

Best for boom cranes with two engines

Tilt Sensor

Monitor the excavator bucket usage or crane lifts

Fuel Level Monitoring

Never go low on fuel and avoid fuel theftt

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Identification of fleet which have become a liability


Complete analysis of the fleet, see which kind of fleet is needed mostly

Crash Detection

Get timely notifications in case of an impact


Restrict your fleet to a region

On-board Diagnostics

Get OBD data of your fleet and be informed timely of engine faults

Asset Management

Eagle-eye view of all of your assets and tools

Sensor telemetry

Equip machines with sensors and get operational insights

Operator identification and authorization

Assign operators having right skill set to fleet and assets

Weather layer

Mobilize your assets knowing the weather conditions


AI powered dashcams adding a second layer of safety and security


GV600, GV 350, FMC130, InCAN, Operator Identification and authorization kit, Orbcomm Satellite devices, panic button, BLE tilt sensor