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Admin panel

Keep tabs on daily operations and control access with fine-grained permissions. Admin panel is designed to facilitate fleet owners and platform users alike.

With the comprehensive admin panel, fleet owners and managers are equipped with the following tools:

Sites and Categories: segregating the whole fleet in small categories is a best way to manage assets. Assets can then be assigned to a site or a category with either one at a time or in bulk. Moreover, assets can be migrated among the categories with a single click.

Employees: add and assign employees as drivers or operators with ease. Not just the names, a lot more information can be added like employee id, national id, date of joining, contact, date of birth and a photograph

Users and Roles: Companies operate by following a hierarchy, so does our platform. You can multiple roles like super-user, admin, manager etc. and then you can assign these roles to specific users as per your operational hierarchy. Moreover, each user can be assigned with a group of assets and drivers as per his level of access.

Geofences: Create, edit, color coded geofences and assign them to one or a group of assets. A geofence created can be assigned at the company, site, category and asset level.

Alerts: Adhoc alert module is the most powerful tool of Eagle-I. A user can create an alert the way he wants, and assign it to a group of assets. Not just that, what information will be received as part of the email alert can also be configured with ease. An alert can also be assigned to a geofence, ensuring that alerts will be generated where they are most required.

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